Method Maker USA: SP Fav & HRP Top Rated

Step 1: Set Your Bank Up

I recommend you split your bank into 75pts.

So, if you have £200 that will be £2.66 per point

If your bank is £500, that will be £6.66 per point

Step 2: Use the Platinum Staking Plan.

Automated betting.

Unavailable automatically at this time.


Back SP Fav & HRP Top Rated

Bet Roster Instructions

  1. Use the HRP Platinum staking protocols for the SP favourite & HRP Top Rated
  2. Play the SP favourite selection to win or Place in each race, according to the Platinum Bet Placement protocols if same as HRP Top Rated
  3. If the first race of the roster shows a profit, we recommend stopping betting
  4. If SP Fav & HRP TR different see if the odds allow you to get both into a Multibet or a Win bet using a Balanced Dutch approach, with either the win or place (if odds allow)
  5. I am using the HRP Platinum Staking Plan and including the following option to play:
  6. Multibet – where the next stake is equally divided between two or more selections and may be placed singly on a win, place bet or combination thereof
  7. I also recommend you stop whenever you get into profit during the sequence, in practice good days take you well over a target and make up for small gains on other days

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