I received a very warm welcome from Gavin & Dave. Refreshments available on arrival. As a non-computer type person, I was a bit worried everything would go over my head. However, as we progressed, it was quite an easy process to pick up. We all had a Live system running and profits were everywhere!
I couldn’t wait to get home & get everything set up for Sunday.
Very approachable, no “us and them” atmosphere. Everything was done in a friendly manner which went down really well.
We are all after making a profit and the course certainly showed us how the software can do this. Massively impressed.
R Green
I want to be honest here, after a month subscribed to the website, due to not having much time to dedicate to learning the systems and place the bet with the correct staking plan manually I almost decide not to go anymore… I wasnot getting anywhere, but I had paid already so I went… I am SOOO Glad I DID!!! The event is an absolute game changer.
For instance you can meet the guys behind the scenes and you can immediately tell they know what they are doing and the are not selling bs… you can see in the details the effort and huge amount of hours spent to create the entire concept…
Best of all, the software! This is tremendous value if you work, it does absolutely everything for you. This changed everything. It’s been 3 days and My bank is already up 33%… Plus the guys you meet there, such a friendly environment… guys who actually don’t work anymore, they place bets as professional gamblers for a living… This is the people you need to be friends with… I give this event my highest recommendation.
A Ermili

This was a priceless opportunity to meet Gav, others in the team as well as like-minded individuals attending the event; there is huge gratitude for the opportunity and there is empathy regarding the effort that has gone into this enterprise. Thank you.

K Monteiro

The course was most useful sitting with other members and discussing getting started , good tech help from Dave and sat on the same table as Arthur helped, Gav seems very confident speaking in public .

G Lewis